WaxedWood Gold

WaxedWood Gold – Timber cladding with a natural brown appearance

WaxedWood® Gold provides extra protection against the effects of weathering for highly visible and decorative timbers. Based on a vacuum pressure treatment timber is protected against wood decay. At the same time a mixture of wax is impregnated. This water repellent additive provides extra protection against moisture and reduces the maintenance requirements. After the treatment WaxedWood Gold has natural brown color. This timber material has a high dimensional stability, is maintenance free and can be applied in all types of cladding.

Maintenance free timber cladding with a 25 years guarantee.

WaxedWood Gold cladding is made with high quality timbers from pine, Siberian larch and Western Red Cedar. The choice for these timbers results in a beautiful appearance. Besides the combination of high quality timbers with this treatment Foreco offers the possibility to receive project warranty of 25 years (depending on timber species) at the independent organisation SGVH.

A natural brown appearance without the need of a coating

WaxedWood Gold immediately has the exclusive brown color similar to expensive (hard)wood species. This offers opportunities where this brown color is desirable, but one does not want to coat the timber. The combination of the selected timber products results in a beautiful appearance without the need for maintenance. Over time the brown color of WaxedWood Gold will gradually fade because of sunlight and rain. Moist and UV-light cause the weathering of the timber. The preservative treatment with the build-in water repellency and the brown pigment ensure the weathering goes relatively equal, and has minimal filth adhesion.

Effects of WaxedWood 
- Appealing natural brown color with excellent weathering properties;
- Sustainable and durable protection against wood decay, fungy and insects;
- Increased dimensional stability due to decreased uptake of moist;

Based on patented technology
For the production of WaxedWood Gold, TANATONE® EXTRA, a patented preservative with built in water repellent and pigment, is used. Results in laboratory and field testing proved that it provides sufficient protection for applications in all use classes. The Dutch institute for building and ecology (NIBE) performed an indicative assessment to determine the environmental impact of WaxedWood. They concluded that usage of WaxedWood has less impact on the environment than comparable building solutions and awarded it with their trademark DUBOKEUR.

Advantages of WaxedWood
- Quality assurance based on KOMO-certification;
- Natural brown color without the need of a coating;
- Possibility of 25 years warranty;

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