WaxedWood® (Color) preserved wood with built-in water repellency
WaxedWood® provides extra protection against the effects of weathering for highly visible and decorative timbers. Based on a vacuum pressure treatment timber is protected against wood decay. At the same time a mixture of wax is impregnated. This water repellent additive provides extra protection against moisture and reduces the maintenance requirements. This makes it a suitable product for application in cladding, decking, fencing, garden furniture, playground equipment and other constructions.

Effects of WaxedWood
- Sustainable and durable protection against wood decay, fungy and insects;
- Appealing natural pale green color with excellent weathering properties;
- Improved durability of applied coating systems due to increased dimensional stability;

Based on patented technology
For the production of WaxedWood® TANALITH® EXTRA, a patented preservative with built in water repellent, is used. Results in laboratory and field testing proved that it provides sufficient protection for applications in all use classes. The Dutch institute for building and ecology (NIBE) performed an indicative assessment to determine the environmental impact of WaxedWood®. They concluded that usage of WaxedWood® has less impact on the environment than comparable building solutions and awarded it with their trademark DUBOKEUR

Advantages of WaxedWood®
- Quality assurance based on KOMO-certification;
- 15 years independent guarantee on projects;
- Improved resistance to UV-light;

WaxedWood® color with high quality coating system
Architects are provided with the possibility to use color in projects, based on the WaxedWood® color program. It offers a range of natural colors and possibility of all RAL-colors. In a modern application facility a coating is applied. The coating used for WaxedWood® color is a water based system with a proven combination of oil-modified waterborne binders. The system weathers slowly and evenly over its surface and can be easily overcoated with minimum preparation. It provides a robust protection against UV degradation. With a transparent system it is possible to accentuate the natural appearance of the selected wood products. This offers a unique appearance related to the selected wood species.

Advantages of WaxedWood® color
- Non-film-forming coating system;
- Wide range of colors available;
- Guarantee and maintenance contracts available.

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