TwinWood® innovative timber piling
TwinWood® is an innovative concept for sheet piling and mooring poles. Based on a smart combination of softwood and hardwood it offers durability combined with a competitive pricing level. The smart and high quality combination of softwood and hardwood ensures a strong construction and long life. That makes Twinwood® to the most ideal protection in wetland environments.

Durable construction

With TwinWood® softwood is placed below the waterline. The upper part above the waterline is constructed with hardwood. Softwood is durable in absence of oxygen, below the waterline. Tropical hardwood provides a durable construction for the upper part. Both parts are glued together using a high quality durable finger joint. This results in a product with a high bending strength. As a result constructions can be calculated using technical data based on spruce constructions.

Several benefits

Up to 80% of a TwinWood® construction consist of softwood, providing a significant cost reduction. Approximately 20% involves expensive and limited available hardwoods. Therefore TwinWood® provides a cheaper and more sustainable solution. Furthermore TwinWood® is relatively light, easy to install and available in various lenghts en thicknesses. 

Ecological and sustainable

TwinWood® is available with FSC® or PEFC™- label. FSC® wood is sourced from well-managed forests, and is produced in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). PEFC™ stands for ''Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and ensured a responsible way of timber production and processing. Choosing TwinWood® is therefore opt for an environmentally friendly product. 

Benefits of TwinWood®

  • Safes up to 80% tropical hardwood
  • Weight reduction up to 40% by replacing tropical hardwood
  • Cost reduced by approximately 25%
  • Wide range of different products (sheet piling and poles)
  • Constructive design possible according to spruce data

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