Larch WaxedWood

Siberian Larch WaxedWood® is a wood product with a high durability. The timber is sourced from sustainable managed forests and it features the FSC®- or PEFC-label. The application of Siberian Larch WaxedWood is primarily facade cladding. The cladding has a various color effect from natural pale green to warm rich brown to silver grey. Further, it is possible to add a color via the WaxedWood® Colorprogram. It is possible to make a selection from 30 modern, natural colors and 30 RAL-colors.    

Effects Siberian Larch WaxedWood
- Long-term protection against wood decay through fungi and insects;
- Beautiful bronze/green to green/brown and long color retention;
- No negative effects with regard to mechanical properties;
- Lifetime of the paint system positively affected through improved stability;
- Reduced absorption of water and improved dimensional stability.

Siberian Larch
The Siberian Larch is a hard and heavy timber with a high natural durability. Through the relatively slow growth in cold areas, it gets a solid structure and a higher density. In addition to the common application as facade cladding, it is often used for floors, windows and stairs. If the wood isn’t treated, it will turn grey, whereby annual rings offer a clear flame drawing.  

High quality wood
For the production of Siberian Larch WaxedWood, Foreco uses a premium selection of wood products. The base material is Siberian Larch from sustainably managed forests with FSC or PEFC-label, which is approved by TPAC. Especially for cladding are selected sideboards (not centrum pieces), with little knots. Further a visual selection is made and the seamy products will be applied is civil engineering products.

Benefits WaxedWood
- The natural durability significantly increased;
- Stable, very low maintenance and widely applicable;
- 15 years independent project warranty;
- Non-corrosive.

Siberian Larch WaxedWood features the FSC or PEFC-label. This means that the wood is from sustainably managed forests. Beside WaxedWood has received the predicate ‘sustainable building material’ from the Dutch institute for building Biology and Ecology (NIBE). Further the wood is extensively tested on LCA and has the ‘DUBOkeur’ and the ‘KOMO-label’.

WaxedWood Color
Architects who want to give a color to their ideas, can choose from a lot of possibilities. It is possible to add a color via the WaxedWood Color program. Via the color program, it is possible to make a selection from 30 modern, natural colors and 30 RAL-colors. Further the coating that is applied, is water-based, non-film forming wood protection product. For the maintenance of the color there is a maintenance schedule available.

Benefits WaxedWood Color
- Non-film forming, water-based paint system;
- 30 modern, natural and all RAL-colors;
- 15 years project warranty available.   


Larch WaxedWood Larch WaxedWood Larch WaxedWood Larch WaxedWood Larch WaxedWood




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