Toegepaste producten
Parking garage with style
In the Netherlands a new parking garage has a timber cladding made from SafeWood Select. The beautiful design lets you park your car in style.
Niverplast BREEAM
In the Netherlands a beautiful round wooden building has become the new office of the company Niverplast. De special design of the office has a timber cladding of WaxedWood Siberian larch
Ski resort Pik Palace
A beautiful and luxurious ski resort with SafeWood on the facade and balconies
Forest villa
In the west of the Netherlands a beautiful ‘forest villa’ has been build. The villa has a special design because of the straight lines used to give the building a modern appearance. However, by using timber cladding the villa still fits perfectly in the surrounding area.
Lofthouse I
In Amsterdam a beautiful villa has been built, designed by Marc Koehler. It has a complete timber cladding of NobelWood.
Based in the Netherlands ECOstyle is a major player in environmentally focused products in a wide range of soil, plant and animal markets across Europe. When it came to designing their new head office and warehouse in Oosterwolde, ECOstyle also made sure the environmental aspects of the building were top of their requirement list
Huize Rosa
This year the new building for care centre 'Huize Rosa' has been taken into use. The chapel has an interior with SafeWood Siberian Larch cladding. This results in a warm, but modern appearance.
Holiday houses Piet Boon
International famous architect Piet Boon designed houses for a luxery holiday park. He used WaxedWood Siberian Larch since this is a sustainable product.
Residence M
A residence received a new appearance with WaxedWood Siberian Larch with a dark coating.
Brink Climate Systems
Along the highway A28 in the Netherlands, between Zwolle and Staphorst, Brink Climate Systems built their new office.
Indoor Golf centrum
The Eindhovensche Golf is located right in the middle of the forests in Brabant. It is the largest indoor Golf Center of Europe.
Zorlu Center Playground
Zorlu Centre in Istanbul is one of the largest mixed-use development areas in Europe. The project is situated on a hill in the centre of the city.
Schuurwoning Eelderwolde
“Schuurwoning Eelderwolde” is a barn house placed on a small hill. The initiator had a clear vision: a simple long volume and the living area must be orientated on the landscape.
NobelWood stairs Foreco
In the new main office of Foreco a stair has been placed in the central hall made of NobelWood. This characteristic part of the building is manufactured of materials produced in the trial installation.
Appartement Elcomapark
The apartment complex Elcomapark is completed in April 2014. The total project contains 64 apartments and 17 houses.
Swimming pool Den Helder
By the end of 2013 a brand new swimming pool centre, with a diving tower of 46 feet was opened in Den Helder. The complex has technical highlights that makes it suitable as a traning centre for the navy and scubadivers. It is one of the most modern trainingcentres in Europe for the submarine service and dive teams of the Royal Navy. For the inhabitants of Den Helder it will be a nice new indoor swimming pool. WaxexWood® and SafeWood® Select Siberian Larch are used as cladding material for a large part of the façade, offering a modern and natural appearance.
Meander Hospital
Foreco supplied 5000 m² Western Red Cedar fire retardant cladding in SafeWood® Select.
Safe and sustainable school
A multifunctional school has a cladding of SafeWood® Select and WaxedWood® in a warm brown color.
Fortress Eurojam
Foreco Dalfsen has sponsored Eurojam 2013 by supplying timber which was needed to build sheds.
Watchtower Aduard
From a citizens' initiative in Zuidhorn years ago an idea conceived for a watchtower.
HotSpring® NOBEL
A pure white Aria tub, covered with the warm appereance of NobelWood and mounted on the gray aluminum base has a fresh, modern design.
‘Koe in de kost’ (‘cow in fare’) is a project aimed at the realisation of eighteen ecological recreational residences which have been integrated in a meadow lined with hedgerows. The accommodations are based on a roof of grass recessed in the landscape.
House renovation
The residents of this private house in Amersfoort wanted to increase their living space and chose NobelWood® for the cladding of the extension.
London Aquatic Center
More than two hundred tons of SafeWood® covers the ceiling of the Olympic swimming pool in London to meet safety standards.
Green living facade
Paul de Ruiter designed a school with cladding of NobelWood which supports climbing plants for a Green Living Façade.
Villa S2 IJburg Amsterdam
A villa in Amsterdam has a modern design combined with NobelWood® exterior cladding.
Reitdiep Groningen
The apartment complex in Reitdiep (Groningen) is realized with Syberian Larch SafeWood Select wood.
Reitdiep haven
102 newly-built houses in the Reitdiep Harbour in Groningen.
Mozaik school
Mozaik school in Hilversum is completed with WaxedWood Color cladding and SafeWood for interior applications.
Betag occasions
Along the A28 freeway in Beilen the new Betag occasions center is completed. Foreco supplied WaxedWood as an attractive and durable cladding material with a natural appearance.
Renovation 6 houses
Homes insulated from outside and decorated with NobelWood.
Nobelwood® table at Librije Zwolle
By order of Jonnie and Thérèse Boer Dries van Wagenberg designed a unique Chef's Table for the three-star restaurant
Probuild Oostzaan
For the slats of the garage of his own office, Architect Piet Boon has chosen for NobelWood cladding.
NobelWood decking Aalsmeer
For the decking of a marine in Aalsmeer the owner has selected NobelWood.
TwinWood Giethoorn
TwinWood® fitted along the Walgengracht in Giethoorn.
Theresiaschool Bilthoven
The modern St. Theresia school in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, has external WaxedWood® ventilated cladding as part of its creative design.
Johanna van Rochefortstraat
The building at the Johanna van Rochefortstraat in Eindhoven is picked up with WaxedWood® SIberian Larch parts.