Foreco offers a wide range of products for applications in building projects, infrastructure and landscaping.

Based on new technologies and concepts Foreco also offers unique product innovations that support high-quality, sustainable solutions. In close cooperation with several organizations the company has managed to develop sophisticated production facilities and sustainable technologies that are state of the art for high-tech timber protection companies. With innovative timber treatment technologies we offer solutions for durable, safe, ecological, and sustainable building material.


In corporation with Derako it is possible to offer beautiful, unique timber facades.
NobelWood Equal Weathering is an alternative to tropical hardwood with an instant weathered appearance
WaxedWood Gold is preserved timber cladding protected with a water repellent wax and a natural brown color.
NobelWood®FRX offers an alternative for tropical hardwood based on pine wood and a new biological resin. This is combined with a maintenance free, fire retardant treatment. NobelWood®FRX has an exclusive appearance and high quality.
Based on wood modification Foreco introduced NobelWood®, an award-winning alternative for tropical hardwood.
Extended durability makes WaxedWood suitable for sustainable applications in cladding or window frames, in utility and building projects.
Siberian Larch WaxedWood® is a wood product with a high durability. It's also possible to add a color.
SafeWood offers fire retardant treated wood and sheet material that contributes to a higher safety level in building.
SafeWood Select offers fire retardant treated wood and sheet material for exterior or severe damp situations.
TwinWood is an innovative concept for sheet piling and mooring poles. Based on a smart combination of softwood and hardwood it offers durability combined with a competitive pricing level.
Eucalyptus Cloeziana (Gympie Messmate) is sourced from sustainably managed plantation forests in Africa.