NobelWood FRX

In corporation with Lonza Wood Protection, Foreco has developed fire retardant timber products which comply with Construction Products Regulation. With SafeWood® Select Foreco offers weatherproof, fire retardant protection without losing the natural appearance. Current development made it possible to use the technique of SafeWood® Select on NobelWood®; resulting in NobelWood FRX. This risk free, new material can be used at large façade projects without the need for maintenance or coatings.

NobelWood FRX is a beautiful and unique product where two different modification techniques are combined. First pine wood is modified to make it an alternative solution for tropical hardwood; secondly the maintenance free fire retardant treatment makes it safe and easy applicable for exterior purposes. This timber provides a natural appearance incorporating durability, safety and sustainability.

Since it is maintenance free costs can be saved which provides a cheaper solution in the long term. Also the fire safety complying with the Construction Products Regulation can be assured for long term. 

With this new and unique product the Dutch market is leading in the timber industry with modified, bio-based and fire retardant products.

NobelWood and NobelWood FRX are already applied by famous designers and architects. 


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