Nobelwood Equal Weathering

Alternative to tropical hardwood

NobelWood is an attractive alternative to tropical hardwood made from fast-growing pine wood. The timber from sustainable managed forests is fully impregnated with bio-polymers from bagasse to create a high quality alternative to tropical hardwood. Testing shows the resulting NobelWood has a durability class I. 

Unique aesthetic characteristics and appearance

NobelWood has a distinguished appearance and unique aesthetic characteristics. Biomodification results in a rich brown look that resembles the color of natural teak. The homogenious structure of the selected pine for NobelWood gives a gradual weathering towards a final silver-grey color at exterior applications without a coating. After installation NobelWood will gain a natural appearance similar to tropical hardwood. 

Equal Weathering coating

The Equal Weathering coating offers an alternative solution that immediatley imitates the natural appearance that uncoated timber will gain after a few years of outdoor exposure. The water-based coating system protects the timber but does not filter UV radiation. As a consequence the timber will still get a grey weathered color behind the coating. It is necessary to apply the coating only once whereafter the timber maintains the same weathered appearance for the service life of the product. 

Ecological and sustainable timber with FSC-certifiate

NobelWood is a renewable building material based on fast-growing pine, sourced from sustainable managed forest areas in accordance with FSC standards. The pine, in combination with bio-based polymers, becomes a 100% organic, high-quality alternative to tropical hardwood as a durable material for sustainable construction. 


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