Derako facade system

The Derako solid wood façade system consists of solid wooden slats and anodised aluminium SLR profiles, which depending on the specific project, come with notches for fastening a patented RVS clip. The entire fixing is at the rear. This keeps the appearance intact for a long time because there are no screws or nails in the slats. This prevents damage to the wood and corrosion marks. It can be used horizontally or vertically.


In corporation with Derako it is now possible to apply NobelWood and WaxedWood Siberian Larch in the unique facade system of Derako. 

Wind and weather-resistant

The entire construction is resistant to extreme weather conditions. The fastening of the solid wood cladding with clips has been thoroughly tested and has a high breakout force. The distance between the SLR profiles is determined on the basis of the type of wood chosen, wind conditions, terrain category and building height. This is limited to a maximum of 600 mm. In addition, the necessary fastening strength and method of the SLR profiles on a sufficiently rigid surface is established on the basis of this information.

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